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If you can't find your language, Click here to download the English template file. Using this file you can create a translation file in your own language. The translation files are available for download directly from The clf file should be located in <aiClipboard Path>\data\aiClipboardSettings\

French - Adapted to 2.3.2 - by Lustucru

Italian - Adapted to 2.2.3 - by Vittorio Ierardi

Russian - Adapted to 2.1.6 - by Vasily "Halmet aka MT-LB" Pavlov

Spanish - Adapted to 2.0.5 - by Miguel Candelario

Dutch - Adapted to 2.0.5 - by Rvandermarkt

Czech - Adapted to 2.0.5 - by Vasad

Chinese Traditional (Ansi) - Adapted to 1.6.2 - by Danfong Hsieh

Chinese Traditional (Unicode) - Adapted to 1.6.2 - by Danfong Hsieh

Hebrew - Adapted to 1.7.0

German - Adapted to 1.3.1

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