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By kstev99
Very useful program if you need this sort of thing. Although I use it only for text only and not to it's full potential. It is Free and it's Portable. I give it a 5 because I had a problem with crashes on an earlier build and the developers were very quick to respond and fixed the problem very quickly.

By capitanflorius
"Good program for copy and store anything in clipboard." Very, very good, easy tu use, copy all, image, text and so on. It is all FREE and PORTABLE. It needs only download file and launch from any place (USB Key, removable disk, etc). I recommend this software to all users, it's the best I tried!!

By Flemens
Nice concept. I put this in my Sugarsync folder and start it from there and everything gets saved in the cloud. If the author gets this working right, its a keeper.

By jotte_ct
There are a lot of programs like this one out there... but this one appealed me mainly for the x-64 bit feature and portability.

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